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      Match Your Pup

      Match Your Pup

      With the Covid-19 pandemic, face masks are the new normal. Wearing a mask while walking your dog is a simple measure you can take to keep yourself and your bubble safe. Why not add some fun to your daily walk with a face mask that matches your dog's dapper bow tie or bandana? Add some character to those bland blue masks and get all matchy-matchy with your best four legged mate.

      Show some kiwi pride with our new designs: Buzzy Bee, Kiwiana Paua and Spring Blossom. What’s better than walking your pup wearing his cute bandana while your mask is in the exact same style? Everyone will be asking where you got it from. Our face masks will have an insert for a surgical face mask which is used as a filter. We have a wide range of colours and patterns to choose from. You will definitely make some doggies (and humans) jealous with your slick bow ties or bandanas.

      Not all dogs like wearing clothes or accessories, some absolutely refuse to wear them. Your furry friend’s comfort is a priority when it comes to dressing up. Monitor your pup and keep them supervised when they wear our bandanas or bow ties and make sure you buy the right fit for them. 

      Our bow ties easily slip onto your pet’s collar and the two elastic loops will ensure the bowtie stays in place all day long. These bad boys are hand-crafted in NZ and we can ensure they are a comfortable fit for your furry friend.

      The bandana can keep your pet cool during the hot summer times. It’s important to keep your pups hydrated and cool during the heat. Here’s a tip - dampen the bandana and pop it in the freezer until cool and put it onto your pup for a nice refreshing feel.

      Our bandanas and bow ties are 100% cotton and are washable.

      Our summer designs are perfect to rock on during your walks on the beach or the park; especially once summer starts. If you haven’t already read our blog on the top 7 spots for walks in Auckland, check it out here.

      These accessories are guaranteed to increase your pup’s cuteness by at least 268%.

      We created these bandanas and bow ties to keep your dog looking flash without the discomfort of dog clothing. If you know a dog lover who loves to low-key match with their dog, get them on this now!! It’s perfect for someone who doesn't want to commit fully to dressing up their dog, but still enjoys the idea of matching. Now you can match your pup and stay safe in style this summer break.