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All pets love to investigate anything and everything using their sense of smell. So whether your pampered pet is a cat, dog, rabbit or guinea pig, toys which encourage them to use their nose is mentally stimulating for them.

We have created, tested and chosen to create this small, range of enrichment toys to create challenging toys for your fur friend.

Each of our enrichment toys is designed and proudly hand-crafted for your pet in our Snuffle Studio in Auckland.

We care about sustainability and so these toys are designed to be long-lasting while also looking good and we use only the highest quality materials, so you can be sure that your pet is safe while using these enrichment toys.

We do however, recommend that your fur friend is always supervised when playing with these interactive toys.

 Snuffle Balls

Snuffle Balls cleverly combine the enrichment nose work activity of the snuffle mat with the added benefit of being easier to carry and easier to wash. With the snuffle ball the kibble is scattered through the folds of high quality anti-pill fleece of the ball and your fur friend sniffles and snuffles through the folds to find their treats.

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 Snuffle Mats

Leo with his well loved snuffle mat

Snuffle Mats are the original nose work enrichment toy. Made with a durable rubber backing into which is woven high-quality anti-pill fleece to create a dense bed of fleece through which you scatter kibble. Your fur friend then sniffles and snuffles through the mat to find their treats.

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