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Snuffle Toy Combo

Are you looking for a trio of hand-crafted enrichment toys for your fur friend?

This Snuffle Toy combo gives the opportunity to purchase a matching set of 3 toys at a special discounted price.

Each Combo Contains one: 

Snuffle Mat

With a Snuffle Mat, your fur friend, sniffles and snuffles their way through thick strands of high-quality fleece which are securely tied onto a durable rubber base.

To find out more about our snuffle mats click here

Snuffle Ball

With a Snuffle Ball, your fur friend, sniffles and snuffles their way through folds of high-quality fleece.

The extra challenge for your pet is that the Snuffle Ball can move while they are searching for the treats!!

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Tug and Throw Toys

A light but durable braided toy which can be used for games of fetch or tug (Leo also sleeps with his).

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Are they suitable for all pets?

Cats and flat-faced dogs such as French Bulldogs and Pugs may find it hard to retrieve treats buried deep in snuffle toys. We have found with some of our pets that they enjoy using the mat more if we sprinkle the treats on the surface, rather than bury them within the fleece folds.

Puppies play by biting and their sharp teeth could damage a snuffle mat, as it is not designed to be chewed on. We recommend supervising puppies closely.


  • Slows down speedy eaters
  • Encourages unenthusiastic eaters
  • Provides stimulation for older dogs
  • During wet weather, the snuffle mat and ball helps use mental energy tiring your pet out.

What type of treats to use?

We recommend using hard treats such as kibble, or training treats. This means that the mat should not need to be washed as frequently as it would if you use soft treats such as meat, fruit, and vegetables.

Washing Instructions:

  • Either hand wash or machine-wash on a gentle cycle in cold water. Please note that the exposed rubber may mark the inside of your washing machine. We recommend reading your washing machine manual before washing your snuffle toys in it.
  • Air dry
  • Do not bleach or iron.


The base of the snuffle mat is rubber; it is heavy-duty which helps it stay in place while your pet is snuffling for their treats.

The soft fabric we use is high-quality anti-pill luxury fleece strips. This more expensive fleece means that it won’t pill and will hold its shape better than cheaper fabrics.

Sizes Available:

Medium Combo is ideal for small dog breeds:

  • Snuffle Mat - 50cm x 50cm (rubber base 20cm x 20cm) (approx)
  • Snuffle Ball - 14cm diameter (approx)
  • Tug Toy - 60cm total length and 8cm circumference (approx)

Large Combo is our best-selling size, suitable for all:

  • Snuffle Mat - 60cm x 60cm (rubber base 20 cm x 20cm) (approx)
  • Snuffle Ball - 22cm diameter (approx)
  • Tug Toy - 80cm total length and 11cm circumference (approx)

Designs Available:

  • Paua Shell - Dark and light blue, dark and light purple with a dash of white
  • Rainbow - all the bright colours of a rainbow
  • Stormy Skies - navy, dark blue, dark and light grey
  • Tropical Lagoon - dark blue, royal blue, turquoise and lime green
  • Tropical Sunset - navy, dark purple, orange and hot pink

As each toy is hand-crafted each mat may vary slightly in design, size and colour.

Disclaimer: As with any pet toy, your pet should always be supervised and never left unattended when using their Snuffle Toys. After use, remove the mat to keep your pet from using it as a chew toy. Do not use if any part becomes loose or damaged.

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