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      Why Use a Snuffle Mat?

      Why Use a Snuffle Mat?

      The Pet Boutique team has created a one-of-a-kind enrichment toy that’s aims to:

      Slow down fast eaters, distract anxious pets, provide an activity for exercise restricted pets, calm down pets and mentally stimulate pets.

      These mats are also portable and easy to carry around so no matter where you take your pet, they’re bound to be happy with their snuffle mat by their side! 

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      How to Cool your Dog Down this Summer

      How to Cool your Dog Down this Summer

      Pet accessories are a fantastic way to show off your pet’s personality, but we know that it can be hard to find accessories that also keep your pet cool in summer. We had this in mind when we designed our dog bananas that slip around your pet’s collar - the perfect summer pet accessories!

      How to Use Bandanas to Cool your Pet

      How exactly do bandanas keep your dog cool and comfortable? Good question!

      • Wet the bandana
      • Put in the freezer until cool (not frozen!)
      • Slide the bandana onto your dog’s collar
      • Pop the collar on your dog
      • Enjoy the sunshine!

      If you’re in a rush, don’t worry about freezing the bandana! Even a wet bandana will help cool your pet down.

      Make sure you're using bandanas when you're taking your furry friend out walking in the summer heat! This a very easy way to help cool your dog down and keep them feeling fresh, energised and stylish.

      What to Look for in a Dog Bandana

      After trying many variations out with our Chief Product Tester, Leo, we landed on the best design to keep your furry friend cool and comfortable. What’s more, our bandanas are practical and easy for you to use!

      • Slips onto collar

      Our dog bandanas attach to collars keeping your furry friend comfortable, with no extra tension around their neck. If you choose to freeze your bandana, they’ll have extra cooling around their neck (under their collar!), too – an added bonus! Since our bandanas attach to collars, they’re sure to stay put throughout the day! 

      • Cooling

      All our bandanas are made from 100% cotton fabric which ensures breathability for maximized cooling. In summer, we recommend dampening the bandana or freezing it, for extra cooling.

      • Many Sizes

      We have sizes from XS up to XL to ensure we have a bandana that fits perfectly on any sized collar. You can find the perfect fit for your furry friend, ensuring their comfort! Check out all our dimensions for sizes here, so you can find the perfect fit. 

      • A Pattern for Everyone!

      We have a wide range of patterns for you to choose from – we’re sure there’s one that you find matching your dog’s personality! 

       Or, check out our full range here!


      • Handmade in NZ

      Like the rest of our products, our dog bandanas are made in NZ. These are handmade products made with love from locally sourced fabrics – supporting local businesses in our community.

      • Easy to Care For 

      Our bandanas are machine washable making them easy for you to care for! Just pop them in the washing machine and lay flat to dry. If you wish, you can iron them too!

       Make the Most of this Summer!

      Get out in the sunshine and make the most of the weather with your furry friend!  

      The Best Pet Gifts: Designer Pet Accessories and Treats!

      The Best Pet Gifts: Designer Pet Accessories and Treats!


      We know just how much Leo, our Chief Product Tester, loves a new treat – just like us! Whether you're looking for dog Christmas accessories or a birthday present for your cat, we have an idea for you!


      For the Playful: Snuffle Mats and Snuffle Balls Made in NZ

      Snuffle Mat by Pet Boutique

      You may have heard of snuffle mats, but have you heard about snuffle balls? The concept is the same: enrichment toys with layers of fleece where your pet can sniff out hidden treats. Leo loved his snuffle mat so much that we created snuffle balls – a transportable and easier to clean option (although, both are machine washable!).

      Not only do snuffle mats and snuffle balls entertain, they:

      • Provide mental stimulation
      • Tire out energetic pets
      • Calm down pets
      • Slow down fast eaters
      • Provide exercise for movement restricted pets

      We’ve been perfecting our snuffle mats and balls to make sure they’re the best possible quality for our favourite furry friends. Our snuffle mats and balls are handmade in Auckland with the highest quality polar fleece, ensuring durability for even the most enthusiastic sniffers. 



      For the Fashionista: Designer Pet Accessories - Bowties and Bandanas

      Looking good is feeling good – this applies to pets too! Getting all dressed up for special celebrations alongside family makes them feel involved in it all. Lucky for you, Leo has vigorously tested our bowties and bandanas to make sure they’re fashionable yet functional. Our bandanas and bowties are made from 100% cotton and slip over your pet’s collar for extra comfort.

       Leo’s styling suggestions:

      Christmas Pet Accessories: Red Plaid bandana + Red Plaid bowtie
      Birthday Pet Accessories: Paint Splatter bandana + Red Scrolls bowtie
      Summer Pet Accessories: Glittering Blue Clouds bandana + Turquoise Glitter Clouds bowtie
      Leo wearing a blue bow tie
      Winter Pet Accessories: Navy Blue Plaid bandana + Navy Blue Plaid bowtie

       Bandanas aren't just for style either - you can use them as summer pet accessories to keep your pet cool. Simply wet your bandana and place it in the freezer before putting it on your pet!


      For the Foodie: Tasty Treats

      Now, how about some treats to go with that snuffle ball and new outfit? To make your pets day that extra bit more special, you can look towards gourmet tasty treats!

      We love Kingsland based Woofas who specialise in gourmet dog treats – you might even find some seasonally themed treats, too! If you’re wanting to show your pet just how much you love them, you can also make some treats at home. We love this recipe for easy peanut butter dog treats (they only take 20 minutes!)

      Happy Gifting! 

      Get in quick to make sure your furry friend has the best celebratory goodies possible!