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Enrichment Toys that make pampered pets and their humans happy

All pets love to investigate anything and everything using their sense of smell. So whether your pampered pet is a cat, dog, rabbit or guinea pig, toys which encourage them to use their nose is mentally stimulating for them.

We have created, tested and chosen to create this small, range of toys to create challenging toys for your fur friend.

Each of these toys is designed and proudly hand-crafted for your pet in our Snuffle Studio in Auckland.

We care about sustainability and so these toys are designed to be long-lasting while also looking good and we use only the highest quality materials, so you can be sure that your pet is safe while using these enrichment toys.

We do however, recommend that your fur friend is always supervised when playing with these interactive toys.

A Snuffle Mat is an enrichment toy designed and proudly hand-crafted for your pet at our Snuffle Studio in Auckland.

Our interactive snuffle mats are like a gym for your pet. They provide an opportunity to stimulate both your pet’s nose and brain, using their natural foraging instincts as they work to find their food reward by sniffling and snuffling through the hiding places among the fleece fibers and folds to search for tasty, hidden treats, like a game of hide-and-seek but with a tasty reward.

Not only do these fleece puzzle mats help prevent boredom by creating a challenge for your pet, but they can also help slow down their eating if they tend to eat too quickly, which can help prevent digestive problems.

These enrichment toys are a fantastic way to distract, calm, engage or reward your pet and keep them entertained while indoors. They are also portable and easily travel with your pet.

Dogs and Cats love to investigate anything and everything using their sense of smell, this is why they love sniffing, snorting, and snuffling activities.

Nose work is mentally stimulating and mental stimulation for a dog can be as exhausting as physical exercise. Some experts have said that using a snuffle mat for dogs for just 10 minutes is equivalent to 1 hour of physical exercise.


  • Boredom busting play activity
  • Mentally stimulating and tiring
  • Slows down fast eaters
  • Helpful to calm down dogs
  • Ideal for pets on restricted exercise who are recovering from injury or surgery
  • Perfect for older pets who have restricted mobility
  • Ideal for vision-impaired pets
  • Distracting for anxious pets

Pet Boutique’s Snuffle Mat Difference

Our snuffle mats are lovingly hand-crafted in our snuffle studio in Auckland.

Leo our Chief Product Tester has tested many designs and we have chosen the best designs for your best fur friend that are well-made, durable, and long-lasting.

All snuffle mats are not created equal. We only use high-quality materials to ensure that each mat is durable for even the most enthusiastic of snifflers and snufflers.

We use high-grade anti-pill polar fleece, this fleece is heavier and more expensive, however, it holds its shape and doesn’t flatten easily, unlike cheaper fabrics.

We take pride in creating products with care and attention to detail.

We include step-by-step instructions on how to introduce these enrichment toys to your pet and also care instructions.

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