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Tug & Throw Toys

Tug & Throw Toys

Our fleece tug toys are an important part of your dog’s training. In fact, it is a multi-functional tool that can help develop your dog’s agility and make for a fun reward.

Our fleece tug toys are made in NZ and are washable. They can be thrown very high and far by twirling the ends of the toy like a foxtail, or they can be used as a tug toy.

We care about the safety of our furry pets so we recommend that your pup is always supervised when they play with our tug toys.

Did you know that our tug toys are like a gym for your pet? It gets all the senses of your dogs going - the nose, brain, mouth. Our tug toys can prevent boredom for your puppies and keep them entertained especially during lockdown restrictions.

These tug toys can help you bond with your furry pup while encouraging their eye and mouth coordination which increases their strength. These toys are much better than playing fetch and safer than playing with sticks. Why not have a tug toy that can train your dogs and act as a fun activity? The fleece tug toys are durable and strong so any dog can enjoy this!

There are many benefits of our fleece tug toys:

Playtime beats anything
Daily doggy playtime can be a great way of keeping your dog in fit check. Our furry friends need exercise at least once a day. Using our tug toys can be an enjoyable way to give your four-legged pup a chance to release all their energy. Playing with your dogs can keep them physically healthy and can maintain bone health and healthy organs.

Playing with your dog can improve both you and your dog’s overall mood. It actually can calm your dog and keep a mentally healthy mind for them. Some mental benefits include - interactive games like tug time can stimulate the brain and build your pup’s brainpower!

Learn more about the importance of dog stimulation on our blog and understand how you can build your furry pal’s focus and discipline. Dogs also experience stress and anxiety, just like us. Our tug toys can help reduce the anxiety that may have been formed while being left at home, while we’re at work or loud noises.

By playing with your best bud you can build more trust and loyalty. This is great for pup companionship. Playtime is your dog’s favourite thing and it’s one of their favourite things to pass the time. Build a routine with your dog, have playtime activities with our tug toys and bring joy to them.

If you want to prevent boredom, mentally stimulate, and calm and distract your pups; try our new fleece tug toys. We use high-grade anti-pill polar fleece, this fleece is heavier and more expensive and it holds its shape well unlike cheaper fabrics.

Our tug toys are designed to be long-lasting. We use the highest quality material so your pet can be safe while using our enrichment toys.

Available in 3 sizes:

  • Small - 35cm total length & 7cm circumference
  • Medium - 60cm total length & 8cm circumference
  • Large - 80cm total length & 11cm circumference

Available in these colour combinations:

  • Paua - navy, dark blue, dark purple and light purple
  • Rainbow - red, yellow, blue and green
  • Stormy Skies - navy, dark blue, dark grey and light grey
  • Tropical Lagoon - navy blue, turquoise, lime green, and white
  • Tropical Sunset - purple, hot pink, orange and white